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“Wilbur Sargunaraj has constructed an awesome blend of styles- all of it mixed with an electronic edge that accentuates his catchy melodies and burning grooves! A world class percussionist and a crafty pop songwriter, he is one of those composers who's riding the wave of the future."
- Global Rhythm Magazine, NY

Wilbur Sargunaraj is a filmmaker, musician and Cultural Intelligence facilitator, having received his certification from the Cultural Intelligence Centre in Michigan, USA. In 2009 the Times of India gave him the title of “India’s first YouTube star”, when he launched his debut music video “Love Marriage” on the social media platform. His most important classrooms, of course, have always been with Simple Superstars - living life among and learning from the always-extraordinary common person. He continues to create music and film to call attention to critical global issues of poverty, caste, exploitation and justice while inspiring informed action.

As Wilbur travels the world he has become convinced that the great challenges facing humanity today can be truly overcome only when we are willing to reject selfishness and ethnocentrism, enter the world of the other, and form sincere partnerships with those who may seem very different than us. He has been inspired by the African Bantu philosophy of “Ubuntu” which teaches that “I am because we are.” Together, there are no unsolvable problems. His mission is to convince the common person – young or old, poor or rich, female or male, educated or not – that they each have a role to play in making our world a better place.

His message is clear, “You are a person of surpassing value, incredible beauty and unique importance. You can make a difference. You are a SIMPLE SUPERSTAR!”

Do say hi to him! He promises to respond! Twitter @wilburworldwide

Wilbur also happens to be a freelance reporter in rural South India for NPR in the USA. You can read some of his articles here at the Goats and Soda NPR Blog.

Events, Concerts & News - Click here for Wilbur’s concert and tour schedule


  • Launch of the new band “Wilbur and the Simple Superstars)
  • Release of the video “How to Stop Sexual assault and abuse” with Yasmine-El- Baramawy
  • Release of Music video “Mirror Mirror on the wall” to support the dark is beautiful campaign
  • CQ Conference,KL, Malaysia
  • Visiting Migrant workers in Singapore February 2016
  • How to be a Simple Superstar Book! Illustrations with Nithin Rao Kumblekar. Launch date coming in 2016
  • “Its time to fly” – launch of music video filmed in Papua New Guinea
  • Syrian Refugees project with Borderless (NGO based in Chicago)


  • Nominated for a 2015 Webby Award for the NPR Village Way
  • Upcoming airing of select videos on BBC 4
  • March: Global Diaspora Network conference, Manila, Philippines
  • April: Filming in Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Japan for Feeling Genki
  • April 8, 2015: Feeling Genki World Wide Launch on iTunes in Tokyo, Japan
  • May 12, 2015: Speaking at American Int School in Chennai
  • May 16, 2015: Feeling Genki India Launch, Opus, Bangalore 8PM
  • August, 2015: Feeling Genki Toronto Launch
  • October 2015: Speaking/ Workshop event at American International School Chennai, India
  • 2015: Music videos from Feeling Genki released through the year


  • August 15, 2014 - free online release of #sssmovie on Youtube
  • September 2014 - Guest speaker at high school conference Ooty, India
  • November 2014 - Ethiopia filming at GO Bright School and orphanage

"Wilbur presented an amazing customized performance.
He involved all the delegates, created a space where Doctors felt comfortable to come up and dance and step out of their comfort zones....He is gifted with a special talent and a presence of mind. Wilbur’s social concern really elevates him being just an entertainer."
- Dr Shyamkumar N Keshava MBBS DMRD DNB FRCR(UK) FRANZCR
(Australia) Professor and Head, Department of Radiology, Christian Medical College Hospital

Live streaming appearances

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"Wilbur’s larger goal is of fostering cross-cultural unity…. he is funny and cheeky, a non-conformist and a fantastic performer. Wilbur is a real 21st-century electronic pop maverick.” -Jakarta Globe

If you would like to have Wilbur come and speak or even just host your event as an MC, do take a detailed look at the Simple Superstar Speaks link.

WIlbur at Bollywood Monster Mashup


Many people also do not know that Wilbur is a professional drummer and has just released a video of his dream team band together to do a series of music videos. Watch WILBUR and the Simple Superstars.


In addition to performing, over the years Wilbur has been invited to speak at schools, conferences and meetings on the topic of Cultural intelligence and what it means to be a simple superstar. Being a global ambassador for cultural intelligence Wilbur shares heart warming stories from around the world on how we can be transformed when we engage with people who are different from us. If you would like to have Wilbur come and speak or even just host your event as an MC do take a detailed look at his cultural intelligence workshops.

Jingles and Video Marketing

Wilbur has been creating soundbytes and jingles for over 20 years. His ability to create earworms that stick with people is evident in all his songs. Wilbur has done many projects for advertising and PR agencies. He has composed and created video content for Ottawa Tourism, IPL and BCCI, Times of India and a host of other companies. He has been approached by agencies to compose songs for clients like Red Bull, VISA, 7UP and many more. Wilbur was educated in world music and received training in India, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and Cuba. His ability to compose catchy styles of jingles from all around the world can be heard in the examples below.

If you would like to hire Wilbur for a concert, to speak or to be part of a digital marketing campaign or even just to write a simple jingle for your company please contact the Wilbur World Wide team. Visit the contact page for more information.


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