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Wilbur Sargunaraj aims to make the
common extra ordinary. He has become India’s first real
Youtube star to make it big” - Javed Anwar-Times of India

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Increase your Cultural Intelligence in this travel series.

"I'm honored to commend to you Wilbur Sargunaraj, a true rock star who is using his growing international platform to make the world a better place through his music and through a relentless commitment to cultural intelligence (CQ). While I research and write about CQ, Mr. Sargunaraj is living it out and taking it mainstream to his fans and audiences around the world!”
- David Livermore, PhD, author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Supercall Solutions

A video series offering many solutions to life’s complexities.

“He may not win prizes for singing or dancing,
but his videos are certainly getting eyeballs”
- India Business Standard



"I am confident that #sssmovie will be a landmark for a new genre which hasn't been explored at all in India" -Adrien Roche, Producer, Overdose Productions, Kolkata, India

View The Simple Superstar Movie below...

Wilbur on IMDB
We hope you enjoyed the movie! Please pay what you want by clicking below.

Wilbur with Calgary's mayor Nenshi
Wilbur with Mayor Nenshi, director of the CIFF, and DJ Deli

Simple Superstar is a lighthearted study of the nature of fame, fortune, and the value of every person, and an introduction to Wilbur's World Wide view! The co-producer of the film (Robert D Stephens) is a common person who embodies the values of the Wilbur World Wide community of "Living Simply so others can simply live" and "Making the common extraordinary". He funded the movie out of his own pocket while living in one of the slums of Mumbai. His desire was to use this movie to foster relationship and community and to inspire people that they are all SIMPLE SUPERSTARS!

Buy the Simple Superstar Movie on Blu Ray or DVD with special features.

SSS on Blu ray

Wilbur on IMDB

SSS Poster

“How do you provide a virtual immersion in Indian cultures that is educational, inspirational, and entertaining? Somehow, the world class, CQ Ambassador, Wilbur Sargunaraj has figured it out! This film and Mr. Sargunaraj’s work continue to bring our research on cultural intelligence (CQ) to life. Watch, laugh, and learn. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll improve your CQ in the process!”
— David Livermore, PhD, author, researcher, and thought leader on cultural intelligence and global leadership

Have a question about the Simple Superstar Film? Want to bring the #sssmovie to your city for a screening ? Feel free to contact the Wilbur World Wide team.

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