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Who is Wilbur?





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Cultural Intelligence & Simple Super Star Workshops

"I'm honored to commend to you Wilbur Sargunaraj, a true star who is using his growing international platform to make the world a better place through his music and through a relentless commitment to cultural intelligence (CQ). While I research and write about CQ, Mr. Sargunaraj is living it out and taking it mainstream to his fans and audiences around the world! As a research institute devoted to the global development of cultural intelligence, we have the utmost appreciation for the work of Wilbur Sargunaraj”. - David Livermore, PhD, author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence

"Having Wilbur around at our school warmed our hearts, cheered our spirits and opened our minds to discover the Simple Superstar within each of us!" - Andy DesRoches, Middle school teacher, ASD- American School of Dubai

What is CQ and why is it important?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a person's capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity.

Known as a global ambassador for CQ, Wilbur Sargunaraj is a fully certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator having received his advanced training from the Cultural Intelligence Centre LLC in Michigan, USA. He has also completed formal training in jazz and contemporary music at Grant MacEwan College (Alberta, Canada). His most important classrooms, of course, have always been in the field – living life among and learning from the always extraordinary common person. As he travels to perform and educate, his priority is always first to educate himself by intentionally seeking to increase his CQ in every new cross-cultural setting. With migration and globalization on the rise today, Wilbur’s message of engaging the “other” using the principles of CQ is increasingly relevant.

Wilbur uses music, film and compelling stories to increase the CQ of his audiences in highly interactive, engaging and unforgettable programs and presentations. These can be tailored to fit any educational environment from elementary to college students to organizational and business-based trainings and conferences. Wilbur is committed to inspire all learners to live more culturally intelligent lives, empowering them to make a deeper and more lasting positive impact with their lives both in their local context and around the world.

Many other organizations and schools have brought their students, staff and leaders the highly customizable “Wilbur World Wide” experience to their groups with great results. Wilbur loves engaging with these audiences during presentations and performances, following up with Q&A sessions, participating in week-long “Artist-in-residence” programs, and otherwise collaborating with organizational leaders to create the most valuable learning experience possible.

For bookings and inquiries contact the Wilbur World Wide Team.


Wilbur is ready to help you increase
your CQ while having a first class time! Watch him in action!

A look into Wilbur's workshops/ events at various schools, colleges and events.

Please read or download (pdf) testimonials and references about Wilbur's workshops
and speaking engagements:

Kevin Crouch - American International School, Chennai
Anika Henderson - Imagine Immigration and Consulting Services
Dr. Ken Castor - Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN
Ross Connelly - American International School, Chennai
Kirsten Welbes - Director of Advancement AISC
Dr. Ronald Lalonde - Middle School Principal, American School of Dubai

“Our school loved how Wilbur could somehow weave serious themes -- like respecting women, taking care of the environment, loving the poor, waiting for the right person to love -- into hilarious stories about everyday life. Wilbur truly has a gift to point out the extra-ordinary in the ordinary. His enthusiasm is contagious. I would recommend Wilbur to any school looking at giving their students a fun filled inspiring event that will leave a lasting impression." Rebecca Parks, co-founder of Sisters International, Ootacamund, India

"Wilbur presented an amazing customized performance. He involved all the delegates, created a space where Doctors felt comfortable to come up and dance and step out of their comfort zones....He is gifted with a special talent and a presence of mind. Wilbur’s social concern really elevates him from just being an entertainer." - Dr. Shyamkumar N Keshava MBBS DMRD DNB FRCR(UK) FRANZCR (Australia) Professor and Head, Department of Radiology, Christian Medical College Hospital

“Wilbur blazed the stage in Manila at our international forum of academics, NGO and business leaders, and other key influencers gathered from dozens of nations. Our typically straight-laced crowd of several hundred sticks-in-the-mud were suddenly shedding their inhibitions and learning how to bhangra dance and do the ‘Boda-Boda’ amidst hysterical laughter. What probably surprised them more was Wilbur’s ability to move these leaders to tears through his own stories of ‘entering the other’s world’ and to create genuine ‘ah ha’ moments which changed the tone for the entire proceedings – what could have been merely a stale meeting of minds, was transformed into an unforgettable collaboration of hearts. His contribution was of inestimable value.”Cody Lorance, Program Director, Global Diaspora Forum 2015 (Manila, Philippines)

Who is Wilbur Sargunaraj?

Wilbur Sargunaraj is "India's first Youtube star” with over 8 million views on the social media platform. He continues to create films, music and other content, which both call attention to critical global issues of poverty, caste, exploitation, justice and more as well as inspire informed action. As a musician, filmmaker, cultural intelligence facilitator and humanitarian, Wilbur has taken his interactive performances to schools, colleges, conferences, villages, labor camps, urban streets and orphanages around the world. Wilbur also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the international NGO “Borderless” which is a network of businesses and charitable organizations dedicated to breaking barriers for the sake of holistic transformation.

Through his global journeys Wilbur has become convinced that the great challenges facing humanity today can be truly overcome only when we are willing to reject selfishness and ethnocentrism, enter the world of the other, and form sincere partnerships with those who may seem very different than us. He has been inspired by the African Bantu philosophy of “Ubuntu” which teaches that, “I am because we are.” Together, there are no unsolvable problems.

His mission is to convince the common person – young or old, poor or rich, female or male, educated or not – that they each have a role to play in making our world a better place. His message is clear, “You are a person of surpassing value, incredible beauty and unique importance. You can make a difference. You are a SIMPLE SUPERSTAR!”

To help resource you and your students, Wilbur will be releasing his new book, How To Be a Simple Superstar in 2016.

Other Resources

A powerful tool that teachers can share with their students before Wilbur comes is a short film called "WHY POVERTY", produced by Wilbur and Steps International. It had its premiere at the 2012 IDFA Amsterdam Film Festival, the 2013 Poverty cure NY Film Festival and Tokyo Indian Film Festival in Japan. It is a powerful short film on poverty which delves into issues such as caste, simple solutions to poverty and how to engage with the ‘other’. Many teachers have used this to initiate discussions on the deeper issues of poverty with their students.

Another great introduction to Wilbur is watching his debut feature film Simple Superstar. The Simple Superstar film (2013) was written, produced and directed by Wilbur Sargunaraj. It is an inspirational story of discovering what is most important in life. The movie had its World premiere at the CIFF Calgary, Canada and its USA premiere at the San Francisco 3rd International film festival. You can watch the full movie streaming online for free here.

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